Richard E. Davis, MD FACS - The Center for Facial Restoration in Miramar, Florida


This website was created to share my views about rhinoplasty and acquaint the lay-visitor with the fundamentals of this magnificent operation. Since performing my first nasal surgery in 1989, my surgical philosophy has constantly evolved. As with all good surgeons, I seek to refine and hone my surgical technique with each operation. New concepts, validated by consistently better surgical outcomes, have been incorporated into my rhinoplasty tool chest and ineffective or outdated methods have been retired.

While my knowledge of rhinoplasty has improved enormously, no surgeon has all the answers and many mysteries still remain. However, by systematically pursuing an honest evaluation of each surgical outcome, and by continually refining my technique to accommodate newly acquired insights, I have substantially improved the rhinoplasty methods I was taught nearly two decades earlier. As a result, consistently good surgical outcomes are now the norm, and I offer my insights to anyone seeking a better understanding of this complex subject.

Richard E. Davis, MD, FACS